Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Throwin that out there...

So you know what this is like, right, because I dont want to be all alone here.
You know how, when you make a new shirt and its soft and wonderful and you love
it and then you set it down and turn off the machine, and then want to put on
the new shirt and its gone? I mean.. everybody experiences that SOMETIME

Now just in case you havent, I will tell you what to do in the event that ever
happens. Go ahead and cut out 3 more assuming the fabric can support that number
because you loved the first one so much, how the sleeves were too long in such a
perfect way and the sides were tight enough and the neckline was perfect.. then
use the scraps to cut out some much needed unmentionables...

Then just as you have given up all hope on the aforementioned finished shirt,
you go ahead and make a 2nd one as the top of you is slightly chilled. Then you
find it (the shirt), finished, neatly folded (you know you didnt do that
right?) on the sewing table and you think, did I really put that there, I mean
REALLY??? And missed it? Well... maybe you needed some extra shirts anyways. And
plus, dont feel too bad, there were 9 yards of cream and/or white fabric ON the
table... somehow it got sconched up under that. It isnt your fault at all. You
are not losing your marbles, you are losing your shirts!

I am just throwin that out there...


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