Sunday, December 19, 2010

A post about a boy

Now this is a post about a boy. I have pictures of him playing his guitar, and also... not to be a broken record his teacher has told me that he is "wicked" on guitar! His teacher is wicked good himself, one of the most amazing guitarists I have heard. My father, biological, whom I didnt know was very good at playing guitar and chess. These two things are my sons favorite things, he has a few others on that list but he is gifted at music. Even sings well... Its sort of like knowing my father, only backwards.
Alex took these pictures, the 2nd one Tad says he doesnt like because "no offense mama but I look like you and its nice on a girl but not so great for me." Now the rest of you may agree but I dont, I like it so very much. Plus how can he look like a girl in the punisher shirt??? I cant pick a favorite among these 3, he likes the first one and I like all of them. He is growing his hair long, no more mowhawk and he wants to dye it bright purple and I said sure. Yes, thats odd. But he is homeschooled, it will be fun, it will wash out and plus it will be super punk. Which I like!

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