Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes, I am a little late posting. We had Frank on Skype Saturday morning so I didn't pay as much attention to photo taking as I should have. I was busy looking at him! The kids are opening their big presents here, they get 1 big thing each from us and then 2 things to share. This is a big barn (Nathalie) and a snap circuit kit (Tad).

Nathalie is sporting some new jewelry, she got some necklaces from cousins Briley and Brooke and also my brother. My brother sent the little panda and lady bug that she has in her hands, each one opens and had a necklace inside.
Tad is sporting new blue jeans and jacket from mom, and hand knit warm knee socks from mama Nikki.

Frank is looking confused here, I dont remember what gift he was looking at, but it was sideways or odd. Dont know, but thats the look he is giving.

This one makes me feel a little sad... I so wish he was here with us.

This one also, now I am crying again... Oh dear. We had a wonderful Christmas, we really did. And we were grateful that Skype worked as its titchy, sometimes it doesnt. We had prayed that Skype would work long enough to open gifts and it worked exactly that long and then cut out.

A shared gift from us to them, they have wanted this lego set for 3 years now but there was always something else they wanted more. We also bought a wheel set, just a box full of different sized lego wheels and axels as there is never enough of either. Especially when we get friends over!

Tad is showing Frank a knife, he got this from Uncle Jacob along with several other survival things. He got a compass, some dehydrated food, this knife, shovel and new flint and steal. He has started several fires... not all in a fireplace! From Uncle John he got a new trapping book which he has thoroughly enjoyed so far. He will be trapping and gutting rabbits any day now!
Nathalie showing daddy her new necklaces/cases. And she is sporting a new scarf that her best friend Faith knitted for her, Faith is 10!

My dad sent lego bins to both of them, I think it must be obvious that we like legos! The kids get some each time they have a birthday or Christmas, any event basically.
So thats it for now, a few of our Christmas pictures. We had a great day, but will be glad when Frank is home for the next one...

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