Monday, November 1, 2010

Todays list

Things we did today:

Woke up and ate pancakes and bacon

Chores in the livestock yard

Loaded the truck with tools and other paraphenalia

Put plastic over chicken sleep room windows and rigged up their heat lamp

Tore apart old coop

Moved baby chick coop

Made and secured 2 feeders in buck pen

Fixed buck pen from the damage done while the bucks fought...over females

Put up shelf above my new sink in hay room

Burned the burn pit contents

Laundry, dishes, house cleaning, some sewing, dinner prep, more laundry

Errands, feed store, lumber yard, auto zone

Laid out pallets in hay room for hay we are about to go pick up

Now we have only to pick up and unload and stack 90 bales of hay. And then Frank has to jump on the trampoline with the kids and then we have to eat dinner. Then I have to fold laundry, and we have to read books before bed, play a round of some board game and shower. And then rest... perhaps.

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