Monday, November 15, 2010


My husband is gone so you would expect blog posts right? I mean thats what I did last time. However, my computer charger died the day after he left. So now I am using his old laptop and I cannot figure out how to save a picture to it. I have been walked through this twice, and yes I save them a folder but as soon as I pull out the SD card, they are gone. I thought it fixed it once, but alas... no. So instead I uploaded some pictures to flickr which is free but limited and I cannot upload anymore without deleting, and people this is getting frustrating. So here are 2 not so good pictures because they are fuzzy but really good because they are with daddy.

We miss him too much right now, the first few weeks are always the hardest. The kids are very clingy and needy and that can be wearing, but their behaviour is quite good. We kept up with school all last wk, he left on friday so we took saturday and sunday off then back at it all week. I have solved problems with the tractor, done all of our regular work, broken a fitting on my fuel making system, had a library day (be very very proud of my leaving home here) took the kids to a 4h meeting, done a lot of playing games, reading books, having fun, talking with God, visiting friends and of course getting stuck at 10 pm on a muddy back road far from home in the big truck with the car hauler attached. yes a kind police officer got me out by expertly driving DEEPER onto the unimproved road and managing to get back out...I dont know, it was something Frank could have done and I failed at. I cried in relief, no I wasnt afraid, yes I was frustrated. My mom stayed on the phone with Nathalie who was frightened and when we asked why she "didnt want to run out of fuel and be cold, or be stuck here all night because she was tired and wanted a snack." I was glad those were her fears rather than those of "people in the dark." Hopefully we have grown past assuming all humans are possible serial killers!

All in all we have done well, better than I expected. We miss him and I cant wait to have my computer back to post many many pictures of the week before he left and the week after he left. Oh and pictures to show him what I had to work out with the trailer and hooking it up due to it not being on its cement block... another story for another day!

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