Sunday, November 21, 2010


Okay not quite, I dont think. My last post was just photos so now this post I will give you some words. Yesterday I fell over, just fell over for no good reason outside and hurt my ankle, it was hideously swollen right away. The children and I went to the ER and they gave me medication, so my good friend Danielle hurried to my aid as I could not drive... They x rayed my foot and the kids got to go to radiation with the doctor and wait for mama's x rays. While there, she showed them all sorts of x rays, different types of breaks, catscans of the brain, a tumour in someones chest. They had a good time despite mama's pain! This pain surprised me, I have had a number of broken bones and this was by far the most pain I have felt in my life.

It was not broken, thought the doctor said it could be fractured and too swollen to see it yet. The ligament and tendons terribly stretched and some tearing, not enough to worry right now about surgery though she said if I do not take care of it property surgery will have to happen... Its in an ace bandage and an air cast right now. The swelling has gone down some and I can take some careful steps.

The kids are doing all of the chores right now but a friend's 16 yr old is coming to stay for a few days. She will get here tonight and will help the kids, by the end of this wk or next I should be back up just with care and keeping the cast on. I have to wear it for 6 wks minimum... ugh!

So I thought it was bad that as soon as my husband left the computer charger died, the other computer is broken but works some and then the old desktop wont get online, then I had a paper jam in the printer. All the electronics quit working the first wk he is gone! My friends Amanda and Jeremiah came up yesterday for hay and he kindly unjammed my printer and troubleshot my computer... I am grateful for good friends! Danielle brought me home last night and she and her husband brought my car from the hospital parking lot today, so I am feeling very cared for by my local friends.

I wish that my husband was here because then I wouldnt do any walking. He could carry me.

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