Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big gun

Shoot the big gun, and run fast to see what happened to the board that was shot.

Here they study it closely and look at everything that has happened to this board and seem especially amazed by one corner of the board so I go photo it.

Wow. I dont want to ever be shot with this, however I can now tell any security company salesman that I am fully covered. I am a light sleeper and I have this gun.

Here they come running back to see if they can make a BIGGER hole in the board.

Here I am trying to make the said bigger hole. I dont think I really can, and I have to say this gun kicks like a mule and I dont love shooting it. Back to the home protection, I would rather shoot it than other options.

"Mama this is a big gun! This is heavy! Take my picture fast... Okay daddy, daddy can you come here, daddy can you get this gun? Its heavy. No I dont want to shoot it! I just wanted my picture. Can someone get me a little gun please???"

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