Friday, November 26, 2010

More of Ally

I am not honestly sure what this photo is, or where it was taken on our property but I like the photo. I like the black and white, the wood looks good this way.

These are all more pictures by Ally/Alex. She is coming back to stay with us again... Apparently my ankle isnt ready for me to be the adult. I am doing well around the house, only using crutches occasionally but mucking the barn, hauling wood, hay, straw, etc isnt going well for me. The children are doing this work without Ally and I am not much help... I kind of supervise! I dont want the kids to wear out so having Ally come stay another wk.

She took these photos on a cloudy cold day, the air was steely gray and somehow the lighting was perfect. She is using a Nikon D40 with just a regular lens and is using a photo editing program on my computer.

Frank can often find computer programs for a good price, and he is going to get Adobe Photoshop for Alex to use. She already takes nice photos, but she is good with computers and unlike me can likely learn to use the program! No, this is not going to be a pirated program. We dont pirate them, Frank just looks to find a good deal. I am not okay with stealing for any who were worried...

This was one of my favorites, I like the contrast between the black and white and the color photos. This kid really has talent! She will take many more pictures this next wk I am sure, and I have some good plant photos to share on here over the next few days.

Happy late thanksgiving, we were able to speak with Frank yesterday, for a few minutes on skype and then he called my cell phone from skype. It is quite cheap to use, free for computer to computer calls but not costly at all per minute to call a phone. We have plenty of cell phone minutes so its nice when I am away from the computer. Hearing from him was nice, Nathalie was having a hard time with negative feelings yesterday, she wanted to be positive but she and Frank are very into holidays, decorating, good food. Tad and I are along for the ride. We try to spice up holidays for Nathalie, but without Frank we are both pretty laid back so she was feeling punk. It was good for her to hear his voice and her day went well after that. Today skype worked so well, we talked for a long time. The call dropped but we were able to call right back. It was a nice way to start our day!

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