Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goats and a sink

Frank put a sink in the hay room for me, this is the room we built in the back of the feed barn. The girls use the front 2/3 and this has a small sleep room built into it as well for the very cold winter days. The sink will be surrounded by hay, but it will be, has been, very nice for me to have the sink. I will use a little water heater, I dont remember what its called. My moms boyfriend uses one and I like it, it is a little pitcher that you fill with cold water, plug it in and a minute later it boils. I will use this as I have no hot water in the barn, but the sink has cold water and I have soap and towels and its just nice to have... the pipe that brings water in is contained in a large insulated piece of PVC pipe and it drains out into a large barrel burried and filled with rocks. Quite a good system designed by Frank.

My ducks bathing, they first get into their pool and do their mating and dancing and bathing, then they come out and clean their feathers. They shed a lot of feathers, it always looks as though a duck was murdered out here!

This is just a good picture of punk. She is punk, I mean really. I named her this as it is a term of endearment when coming from me, but she turned out to actually be punk. Any goat would be proud to have her good looks. She is not wild anymore, she doesnt let me catch her anytime I want but she will regularly spend time with me if we are on opposite sides of a fence or gate.

This is cash and whisper, they are fighting. I love to see the little girls head butt, its funny how they think they are big. Often it ends up being 3 or 4 all fussing together though they are really playing.

Here whisper has left the ground entirely for her attack. We have a number of new goats, I dont remember how many goats I have now. 17 I think, 2 bucks and the rest does/doelings. These are still doelings, not quite big enough to breed.

We have a lot to do today, finish fixing the truck, kill 3 rowdy roosters for a stew pot, insulate pipes for winter, go trick or treating. Frank leaves soon of course and our list is not quite fulfilled. Off to work...

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