Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I wonder why people are more worried and afraid of things like raw milk, and farm fresh eggs than they are of losing themselves to the corporate rush of big city life. The things that are happening in our world today are a greater worry than things on the surface. Why is it that people dont notice they are drowning in the battle of time spent just working for money? Where have we gotten to? Does no one read Laura Ingalls Wilder anymore? These people, they had real fears. Yet they were happier than the average American. With the loss of a stay home mom, children, moms and dads are all in a rat race. Every day is the same, get up and hurry for school and work, come home exhausted and crash and stare at a TV screen that depicts someone elses life. What kind of life is this?

Our life isnt perfect, but it is fun, fulfilling, hardwork. My children know the value of a dollar because they work to earn it, they know what its like to raise your own food. Its not scary to lose a chicken, unlike in Laura's time when that meant you were out a pullet or cockeral until the next broody hen sat. We can order/buy a new one, or we can hatch our own. However, my children are pleased to save a chick from sickness, catch a problem before the chick dies. They are happy to work on cleaning their area, keeping them in good food and water. Why? Because its their eggs and meat. We all work together for this. Not because we cant buy them at the store, but because its real. This is real life, the rest of it, its just an illusion that people are stuck in.

There you have it, my blog philosoph-ising. Its not my normal blog post, but its 5:45 am and I have been up for over 2 hours alone, and thinking. My life is full and wonderful, not perfect, but real. I wish more people had this life. I wish the greater fears were of losing this way of life, than of a possible contaminated raw egg...

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True fFeedom said...

So true, I like your blog philosiphying! Love you!