Monday, March 8, 2010

My dawg

So I wrote a post on barn raising, and showed some nice photos. These photos were uploaded to photobucket and then I used the links to post them to my blog. Problem? It cut off the right of the photo. Now it could have been just my computer, but I was aggravated. I emailed my friend Amanda, who is quite good with computers and web pages. So, without giving her any time to respond I deleted the post in anger. She of course came on to help me, solved all of my blog problems in moments but my post is gone. Several people read it and found it amusing, but I cant really get it back. There you have it.

Onto other things, my dog is naughty. I have been training her to be less naughty, dont jump on people until they desire your death, dont kill chickens and dont tear up the goats ears. So during the day, Monster (dog) has to be on a chain, at night she sleeps in her kennel in goat barn. Today, it is raining. It was sprinkling this morning and I thought I should make her a little Monster hooch so she will have a place to be without going into her kennel. Photos following.

No mama seriously, take me off of this chain because look! I cannot run well see??? Help! I dont like my new house!

Oh allright you at least did a decent job on my house mama. Can I get off the chain please? See me smile?

Aww man mama, you dont love me. I have been so GOOD off the chain today! I chased only ONE chicken and only tried to eat BBs ears off once, okay fine twice but he was asking for it!

See? The chicken is not dead. Let me off this chain. I will be good while you are watching.

Okay so the dog said some other choice words, I wont share them here. I did make her new house in the South barn front room so was able to let her run free while I worked. She ran free this morning for 2 hrs while I did chores, cleaned up and played with her. She did very well, this is her first time not on a lead. She has been on a lead, in a kennel or separate barn room from the goats/chickens or on a chain for several months while I work with her. Today she did so well, I was proud but she did try two times to eat BBs ears up while I was busy. I know she is just playing but still.
I built the little dog house (monster hooch) out of scrap plyboard, 2x2 and 2x4 pieces leftover from our barn building. It needs a little trim, paint and something more on the roof and I think we will make a front so she has a doorway rather than an open front. She doesnt want to use it, instead she gets rained on. I think she is holding it against me that I put her back on a chain after she was so GOOD!
This last photo is just because, how many of you have wind like this? That was 3 days ago. Today, it literally blew me over. I actually fell sideways. It wasnt pretty...

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