Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr Ducks

MR Ducks

M no ducks

SMR C M feet?

LIB MR Ducks.

I have wanted ducks since I can remember feeding them at the park as a toddler. My mom used to take us to feed ducks, we would throw them old bread. I loved them and loved the way they sounded. My mom can quack believably which made myself and siblings laugh. I know there isn't much of a need for ducks, but today at the feed store we saw them and were so pleased, the children pleaded for just 2 mama! I called Frank and he said sure, of course, because why would he tell me no??? The lady at the store asked, why do you want ducks? I said, um, because they quack? She said oh, well yes, they do quack. So we bought 4. You have to have 2 for friends, they cant share chick feed. They can eat chicken feed, but not chick starter because they eat so much more and its medicated and it will poison them. I had to get 4 just in case 1 dies because that leaves 3 and then what if 2 died and 1 would be alone? Good logic, I agree.


Bethany said...

They are so cute!

Fjpsam said...

Cool Ducks! I have lots of different rubber ducks....

Jo Abair said...

yes and your son wants to name these ducks Eddy after YOUR rubber ducks. He thought you would think these were neat bc you do like ducks. You want a real one? I can overnight you a couple. But dont name them all Eddy. We named these Jemima Puddleduck, 3 of them, and the 4th one is named Eddy. But we cant tell the difference between them so will wait and see which one bites and name THAT one eddy!