Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New barn again

This is the new little barn that I blogged and deleted because the pictures were not straight. Sorry about that loss of patience on my part.

Our friends helped us put the building up, they helped us take it down! This was a free shed on someone else property, she let us have it if we would take it down. We changed the roof pitch, Eric drew this up and he and Frank cut it, which took a lot of patience, throwing things, on their part!

Jeffrey and I held the roof while it was attached, and cut 2x4 pcs. He held mostly and I cut mostly.

Nail guns and cordless drills are the best invention since sliced bread.

See? Pneumatic tools... And child labor, who invented that? I praise them wholeheartedly.

"Lillith, I am going to head butt you in just a minute." Nona says, she is taking out her frustration on her battle buddies bc she was locked into the field.
Now with the supports the roof stays up on its own, however it needs a great deal more work at this point.

"Hey Tad, run up to shop and get the other battery for the dewalt set."

Running for the shop, he didnt even have to be told to hurry!

Here I am back and I didnt kill myself in the messy shop! Still running...
Taking a break on the new swing, which Tad made.
I am not killing him, I swear! I am just seein' if his head WILL pop off!

How are we gonna get this OSB up on this steep roof? Why isnt mama helping at all? I mean she is just standing around with the camera around her neck.

Aww look at that! Its nearly roofed. Well okay fine its not, it needs tar paper and shingles. Which is now has, and I will photo that as soon as there is enough sun for me to go out. Its horrible and gray and cold today, again, We have had one sunny day in 9 days. And today is another gray one so oh well. We are spring cleaning this wk, the yard and house. And building stalls, and, and, and... have a good wk all!

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