Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I know, I know. No one needs 39 baby chicks. Who said anything about need? Actually, 15 of these are cornish cross and you butcher them in 6-8 wks. So we wont have those around at all. Oh and a rhode island red baby chick died about an hr ago, it didnt seem to travel well. So okay 38. We have right now, 2 guineas and 12 chickens I think in the barnyard and they lay eggs. We needed more layers, and butcher birds. And then some were on sale so you know? What you gonna do about it? Buy them...

The cat thinks he/she is ferral. We had his testicles removed when we found she indeed was a he and now he is a she again but I dont think she knows. When outdoors, she acts ferral and wont come near us!

Awww look... farmer Joe and farmer Jane! They are so cute in overalls... Tad is actually wearing work boots while Nathalie on the other hand, is wearing pink mary janes. Who said working in manure means you cannot be stylish?

The kids are feeding the goats apple peels from the composte heap here. Its good for them and they love it, though Nona my special goat is usually quite greedy.
We planted a lot of seeds, its still pretty cold here on and off but the seeds need to be in a couple of months before last frost. I have been saving yogurt cups for 1.5 years! We lined them with newspaper so we can just pull out the whole plant/dirt combo when it comes time to put them out.

That is one good looking man! Mmm mmm mmm... Okay sorry got sidetracked! Okay so we put hummus, peat moss, organic soil and fertilizer and then just regular soil in a big food grade 55 gal barrel and rolled it to mix, then mixed further in the wheelbarrel before putting it in pots and trays. The trays are fruit trays that you buy grapes, strawberries etc in.

Now all of our seed pots are labled by numbers and letters in case some plants look alike. We have a lot of peppers and tomatoes planted, herbs, fruits and many other vegetables. Also we have some fruit trees and bushes and have more coming in.

Happy gardening!

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