Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow and babies

We have snow, and new babies but no snow babies. We are tired of winter, even me who prefers winter over any other season. Thursday was warm, sunny and 55, friday morning was the same. By friday at noon it was cool and cloudy and was 25 deg and snowing by 4 pm. It stuck... Tomorrow should thaw out, make it into mud but we get more next saturday! Joys of a wintery state.

To spice up life, we have new chickens! We have brown leghorns, barred rock, rhode island red and bantams. I love bantams, they are my favorite chickens. Nathalie chose 2 white bantams, and Tad chose 2 feather footed bantams.

We picked up this box at the dump, its quite large and its a great brooding box. A little more than an inch thick with a nice bottom. Someone threw it out and I was pleased to find a brooder box!

We have 3 heat lamps hanging here and a blanket to keep the heat in. Also Frank put a thermometer in there, its about 60 deg. They were in the laundry room in a plastic bin while we prepared the brooding box, but then we realized they smell REALLY BAD! So we set them up in the garage. 2 heat lamps are enough during the day but at night a 3rd will be nice. They have clean straw, fresh new straw for when we clean, nice waterer and feeder... These chickens are set up!
They will live here for a couple of wks, until all snow/frosty weather is past and then they will live outside in the roving coop with a heat lamp and little house. When they are older, they will be free range with the other chickens.

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