Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Might be a redneck

"Hey Tad, when you are finished playing with that lighter can you take it in the house?" Tad is playing with a lighter out by the fire pit. He isnt lighting anything, just playing with it.

"Sure. But mama? I disabled the child proof part."

"Oh good, that was mama proof. I cannot make them ignite with that thing on there."

"Oh well I can, its just easier this way."

I am so pleased he can take care of me already! I dont know about you but those childproof lighters get me every time. I usually just stick with matches. Tad is a fire expert, he can start one in any appropriate area and keep it going all day. The fire place, fire pit, burn pit, whatever. He can light it with a lighter, matches or a fire starter as in a flint rock! Yes I know, he is only 9. Guess what? He was capable of all this as an 8 yr old. He is laying here on the floor right now in overalls, a brimmed hat, barefooted, farmer tanned and slightly grubby looking, building small bombs with plastic eggs. Okay fine they are not bombs entirely. Just baking soda, and he will add vinegar next...

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