Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I be SO fierce!

This is our new cat, her name is Half Cat. My mom dubbed her so, mom found her outside of a local eye clinic (or dentist???) and brought her home. She was a tiny fierce baby, who put up with my moms huge dogs for several wks. She has no tail, well just a stub and her back body looks very much like a rabbit. She has ear tufts and extra long, stiff whiskers. We think this is for added balance due to not having a tail. She was born with no tail, the kids were worried someone TOOK her tail but that wasnt it! She is the most playful cat we have ever owned, and the best traveler. Frank loves cats, he cannot deny it, and he especially loves this one. We couldnt leave moms without her.

Mom is moving, she quit her job and will do interim nursing work, she finishes her master deg this month. Congratulations mom, you have been in school my entire life! Mom will have a hard time traveling with her animals so we kindly took Half Cat AKA Not the Rabbit off of her hands. She is a happy, playful kitty. She was gone from us for a afternoon/night and whole next day last wk, we gave her up for gone. We assumed she was cyote bait. Then we went out at 9 pm, much later than normal, to lock up the goat girls and when we opened the door, in walked Half Cat. She walked in as if she owned the place, limping, bleeding, cold and dirty and as she walked by I imagined her saying, "I be SO fierce!" I mean how else could she survive a freezing night with cyotes???

I know, it was just one night. But we are attached to our fierce Half of a kitty and we are glad she was safe. She loves to sleep in clean laundry and attacks any part of you given half a chance!


nana said...

About time my poor half of a kitty received proper representation on your blog!

Jo Abair said...

Hey! Your half of a kitty? She be my kitty, your plan to abandon society as we know it was going to make her homeless. She be ours for permanent now as well as her fierce offspring. Okay you can have one kitten... if you live somewhere that people other than Inuit can survive.