Monday, November 30, 2009

Cold house

Its aproximately 53 deg in my house. I am thankful for coffee, wool, fire and oh fine my husband is warm too... It is cold because we dont turn the heat on! Do you know that people used to survive at night while sleeping in a cold house? I believe it was better for them. We dont get sick often, its quite rare as a matter of fact. But this winter we are seeing that there is not a greater chance of sickness in a cold house. We dont have colds, coughs, sore throats, anything! In the morning, Frank or I start a fire in our large fireplace. We usually get some breakfast going which heats things up. We are up before dawn mostly, so the sun seems so warm when it comes up. Oh and I keep moving! That keeps me warm. We all wear wool, and we all work a lot. A whole lot...
No we are not cheap, we can pay for our gas bill. But this is an experiment. Can our fireplace heat our house to comfortable during the day? So far yes. Our house is about 65-68 deg within an hr or so. We are reading the Laura Ingalls books and having fun finding out what we can do that they did.

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Fjpsam said...

Always live how you want...Be proud to tell others you have a great life on less. Have a great holiday ...Happy Jesus Birthday! Paw Paw in Greenfield