Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating

We decorated our christmas tree several days after thanksgiving but blogger photo uploading wasnt prepared for my blogging. You got shoe ball late yesterday, so here is christmas decorating a day before christmas!!!
Half-Cat was super interested, she did go after the ornaments. She steals them from the bottom of the tree, carries them upstairs in her mouth and then hides in the long french door curtains. She waits there holding the ornament hostage, the individual dumb enough to rescue it comes away with some injuries. She wants us to rescue them though, and will wait until we come and often reach out a small white foot and pull back the curtain to sneakily check on the status of the rescue.
We put the tree downstairs, we have two living rooms and dining rooms. The downstairs living room is taken up by a pool table and we have a fireplace downstairs as well as up. The dining room has a sewing table and machines, couch and now a tree! We have put all the presents under it and Nathalie and I spent yesterday making stockings (late I know...) and they are now stuffed.
Tad is getting both a hammer and a gun, he will know this is a rights of passage into young manhood according to daddy. Frank doesnt buy someone a hammer who isnt deserving of it work wise. The gun, to Tad, will mean we consider him responsible. This will be his happiest christmas. Nathalies gifts are fabulous as well, but she will have womanhood gifts in a couple more years... Someone help me and tell me what they should be!!!
Thats it, everyone have a wonderful merry christmas with whoever they are with. We have my sister, husband and baby. Mom and significant other didnt make it due to weather, but I know my wonderful mama is here in spirit! I am happier than I have ever been at christmas, to have my husband home. Last christmas was the first and only one we spent apart. I pray to never have another apart, having him is just this side of heaven.

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Fjpsam said...

You guys look so good all together. Wishing you all the best! Paw Paw