Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoe ball

This is a game called shoe ball. My family wrestles and plays hide and seek during shoe ball, or after, or simultaneously. Here we are ending hide and seek, Frank was caught by the kids and so he "fell" down the stairs.

Frank coming at Tad with a "WACHAH!!!!!" And I caught it in mid air. Lovely picture! Tad has gathered a pretty good heap of shoes here to use as ammo. He who has the most shoes isnt always the winner, Tad aims best, Frank catches best when shoes fly at him and Nathalie hoards the shoes best.

Nathalie taking aim at Frank who is taking solace behind the pool table with the cat.

Here we have a great picture of the shoe in flight. This was my favorite picture of all! Her back is even arched inwards in preparation for the hit!

Tad is being attacked her both by Frank at the front end and the cat at the back end! Half Cat sees this as an opportunity to get someone who is down. She is an evil kitty at heart...

Shielding himself from the onslaught... This wrestling match lasted about 2 hrs all told, wrestling and shoe ball and then ending in hide and seek.

Running around the table, seems endless because no one catches anyone! They usually end up going after each other UNDER the table. Often they are in one big pile, the top person bumping their head...

Half Cat, once again, on the attack! If you zoom in on this picture you can see her evil look and see that she is hooked by all 4 feet!
This is one of the kids favorite pastimes at night. Since Frank came home from Iraq they have played these games many times. This particular night saw my house shoe which was stolen from me, flying INTO the fireplace. I redeemed it before it caught. I assume they are flame retardent from this event! These evenings are the things that our children will grow up and remember and talk about with their kids.

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Kenji said...

Great pictures! Made me laugh and remember similar times at my house. :)So much fun!! Love the evil kitty. I had one of those. :) Saw the Christmas tree pictures too. Glad you had a Happy Christmas.