Thursday, December 17, 2009

Panty Ho

"I have a panty ho."
"You mean a panty hose?"
"No. I mean a panty ho, its just one. I strung it from my book shelves to my dresser to create a wee clothes line. I have some clips from daddy's box that are for chip bags? I am using it to hang dolly clothes."
"Yes but its panty hose."
"Yet its only ONE ho."
"Do you mean you have a thigh high?"
"Yes. I own 2 of them that had holes? You were throwing them out, remember?"
"Yes, I remember. But its called hose. Or nylons. You wouldnt say panty ho though, just say hose even if you are using only one."
"So, ho isnt singular for hose?"
"Not in this case, no."

10 points for homeschool. Do YOUR kids know singular and plural???

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