Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lunch conversation

"I am going to be a pediatrician." Nathalie says while sharing a pomagranate with Frank.

"So you are going to go to college and cut up dummies and their fake guts will fall out?" Tad asked

"Ewww thats gross Tad. Will it look like pomegranates?" She holds out a handfull of pomegranate guts to him.


"I wish I had a million dollars." Tad says

"If you get a million dollars you should share some of it because it will make you happier." Say I

"I would keep some of it and give some to Nona." Frank says, our herd matriarch is an alpine doe named Nona! He plans to share with a goat. "And then, I will borrow it back from her."

We errupt into laughter imagining someone gifting their money to an old goat so that they can better enjoy the other portion since they blessed someone else.

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