Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Days

This was our first snow, bit dusky outside because it was early am. The first day was cold and snowy, but continued to snow heavily all day. Temp stayed around 20. That night, dropped to neg 9 and has barely been over neg since then. So 2 days later, we are at -6 to -3 today so far!

I dont have pics of playing yet bc the kids spent time playing during chores and I cant carry my camera down to the barn easily. Nathalie on the back porch here in the trampled snow in her new snow pants! I made these while they ate breakfast on the first snow morning. Its waterproof outer, fancy print I found last yr, and a soft wool inner.

Here is Tad before it was trampled much, the door was hard to open it was about 9 inchs of snow up against it! It was sunny yesterday and we had some friends kids all day. We had 7 kids total but didnt let the youngers go out. You can lose a 2 yr old in snow that goes over my knees!

Morning of day 2, this is drifts like we had in the goat yard. It is only about 15" of snow, maybe bit less but drifts of much more.

Tad getting ready, last years snow pants. This fabric is windpro, doesnt work quite as well as the PUL for snow. The windpro is waterproof and keeps him dry but it collects snow and drips in the house! He is putting on extra socks here.

My people on the first morning, they were so excited to go out into this white wonder. Frank wasnt here last winter, and it has been years since we lived somewhere snowy. The kids were babies in Germany so we havent had anyone to pelt with snowballs other than each other! In Germany, we didnt buy the correct under and outerwear so we really didnt enjoy the snow. Here we have tons of wool unders and waterproof outers and very good boots.

Frank had snow days, both wednesday and thursday. Post was closed to all non-essential personel! What a great job. Get paid to do chores and play in the snow.

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