Monday, December 28, 2009

Some reasons

He does have a wonderful, humerous personality. He is kind and loving to us, not really super nice to other people that are not us... But thats fine, I do believe I love him more than any person in the world loves any other person. I truly adore him.
Now that aside, shallowly, what does attract us to a person? Well first of all, I think he is quite good looking. My breath still catches in my chest 10 years after the first moment I met him, each time I see him. There is just something arresting about how strong he is, he can chop trees 1800 style with a big ax. And like any good country wife, I stood taking photos and didnt hold back my awe.
Then you have the tree, okay so its not a huge tree but he had no trouble carrying the tree. He picked it up and just walked to the pile with it! Yes, this is a good reason. I will keep him.


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Jo Abair said...

We have a chainsaw and it does work, we used it quite a bit as well. But we had several adults and 1 chainsaw, and we use the ax/hatchet on the smaller kindling/branches anyways so it was effective. Plus, its quite healthy to use an ax. Physical labor helps people to live longer!