Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yard Work

These 2 pictures are of a part of the goat yard before mowing. The goats cannot keep up and so Tad and I used the lawnmower, weed eater and hedger to get rid of the foliage in a large part of the goat yard. I am having problems with ticks and spiders so have to keep it mowed down better. Some areas the mower cant get into so the hedger and weed eater help. This was the first time I used a riding lawn mower, or a weedeater!

A view driving into the goat yard, Nathalie is opening the gate for us.

After we have cut foliage. It looks so much better. Parts here around this building, my milk shed, were getting up near my waist. You can see the pieces of greenhouse we havent cleaned up yet, I am taking it apart for other uses. Tad and I hedged/weed eated around it bc the mower cant get close where the metal is all torn up, but I cant pull out the metal without getting covered in ticks until grass cut down.

View of the nice mowed area, nice mower! It did quit right there, like it wont start. I mean it does now, said low oil so I added and then filled the fuel tank and mowed some more.

Kids and Pepsi in newly mowed area. I did use the hedger some more to the right of Tad as you are looking at him, and bent the teeth on a piece of metal... So it quit working. Then the weed eater ran out of fuel, while the mower was waiting on its oil!

Right BEFORE the hedger was broken, Nathalie now in possession of the camera, and yes there were many pictures of poop, dirt, grass and goat butts. And some other very unflattering pictures.

Tad and a chicken, we had to move out a sick chicken bc the other chickens had pecked her. she is now in a nice quarantine pen with her own food, little house and water while she heals. Tad, the chicken whisperer, got her set up there and cares for her so well.

Out of order picture, this is when Nathalie opened the gate for the truck to drive into overgrown goat yard. Then Tad went back for mower. She looks so happy and cute!
I threatened to tie Tad to the porch with 550 cord, he said, "Bring it." So I brought. He walked right back inside though and I said, was it hard to untie? And he says, well mom it was you who tied it, not Nathalie. He is correct, she knot ties like Frank who taught her this skill, she is proud.
Nathalie has ear wax problems. Tad doesnt, he just has tubes in his ears. Well I looked in there out of curiosity and here this was! Right in the opening of his ear, barely stuck. I was able to safely pull it out as it wasnt far inside. This is his hand holding the tube. Tubes fall out on their own all the time so there is no problem with this but as I pulled it out, he grabbed his ear and said, "Wow that feels better! I didnt even know it felt funny!" Probably had fallen out some time ago and felt odd.
So that is our wk so far, I dont mean a wk since the last time it was the day today is. I do not know what today is. But it has been at least 7 days since I last blogged I think, so there is our update. A billion things that we did are not listed here because I dont have the rest of my life to sit here.

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