Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New goats

This is a drencher, Amanda called it this. I knew you could "drench" an animal by forcing to take liquid in a syringe but I had no idea they made such useful drenchers! This made giving herbal and then chemical dewormer much simpler! Doesnt hurt, but if you hold in place it forces swallow so they get whole dose. I dont do chemical dewormers, I use herbs like this syringe is holding BUT these are new goats and they are not healthy, full or soft like my goats are. I mean soft fur, its rough and dull. Which means worms or deficiency, both of which we are fixing.

This poor baby is not pretty, but maybe will get that way... she is an experiemental cross between saanen and nubian and I dont think it was great. Her ears TRY to stand up like nub, but they dont so they look like wings and her eyeballs are too big like san in a nub mix face. Her name is Jezzebel, Jezzie by Nathalie who owns this goat. This goat chose her in the van on the way home.

Big goat is Lilith Fair, or Lilly. Lilly was her given name. Other babies were not named when we bought them. You can see the brown baby here trying to come out of the fence and her name is June Carter Cash, Junebug. Next to her is Kaya. Tad is simple about names. I am not. You can see that mine is Junebug! We have a childrens book called skippy john jones. A siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuaua and he has a mama named junebug and sisters named jezzebel, ju ju bean and jilly boo jones. So If Jezzie and Junebug have offspring, we can name them skippy john, the dog in the book darwin, jilly boo jones and ju ju bean.

Lilith again, Tad in a new shirt my mom made. Nice huh? He loves it! These pictures are not great, they are all I have taken this wk of the new goaties. Yes I know we have odd names.
We pick long names often and then shorten them to nicknames, though June Carter Cash takes the cake.

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