Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Learning to count and hold, 4 count even though you strum only once. She is reading from the book propped next to her, I thought she would have a harder time taking to note reading than she does. She loves to sing so very much, oh and dance so guitar and piano seem to be a good step, both of which I can play... Piano better than guitar. She is playing Frank's guitar.

Yes, my guitar is bigger. Mine is a full size, the 3/4 that Nathalie is playing is commonly a travel guitar for those who love the Taylor. Which we have learned to. This one is called a Baby Taylor. The one Tad is playing is too big for him, but he can use it to play with her. She cannot play mine yet.

Concentration... They both do so well separate on the songs they know so far but practicing together is very good for them. They each make at least 1 mistake that the other doesnt make! And they always want a turn playing with me bc I dont make mistakes on these simpler songs, though again I do not play well. Just enough better than them that I can learn along with them and stay a step ahead.

A tiny frog, there are a lot of these around. One who lives in our milk shed. The kids worry about his health but we have studied him closely enough to know, when we take him out and give him freedom, its him that comes back each morning! He can leave under the door, and there are usually a few bits of grain and plenty of little crawly bugs for him to snack on in there. This one is a yard frog, not the milk shed frog.

Tad holding the frog, I love how his hands are starting to look like Frank's. Square and hard, beat up and callused. Strong, he hurts my hands now if he squeezes them and I cannot squeeze back hard enough to make it hurt him more! I know terrible game... but you would forget he is 8 too, he can carry 50 pound feed bags and force a 150 pound goat out of a room and shut the door. He is strong and clever, and he is my little man.
This is not to say that Nathalie isnt strong or clever, refer back to her cleaned the whole house post... I am glad to have both of them.

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