Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My day

This is the way it goes.

This yr, my daughter has developed odd anxiety of a variety of things. Things like tornadoes, understand she did live through a rough one. So now we have developed to freaking out every time it rains. It was just thunder and lightening, strong winds, basic Ks springs. Now we have it at the slightest sprinkle or graying of skies.

Nathalie has been in angst since yesterday afternoon. She is gray from tornado worry.

We go out each evening for chores. Everyone needs feed and water, and to be checked on if its very windy which is it. I make Nathalie go with me. My mother wouldnt have allowed me to cower in the house. We go early bc its so stormy, and there is a break in storm.

Nona and Pepsi wouldnt get out of the way of the truck. The truck has no horn. This was angering. I drive the truck bc its A LOT OF BARNS AND ANIMALS and my muscle mass is too high anyways.

The gate wouldnt shut. I had to get out, help son.

Nathalie put the eggs she collected ON THE DRIVERS SEAT.

Tad and Nathalie TOGETHER couldnt get the water hose apart to fill the water bucket in Barn A. Barn B uses the same hose, so you have to disconnect in the yard of A to fill their bucket. Not a hard job as the water stays on due to the nozzle on the end way out at yard B. Good system. Had to go in gate and help kids. 2 goats from yard C follow. This is a fight. Anger management needed now.

Leave to go to last barn after feeding chickens, watering chickens, collecting eggs, making sure chicken coop held down for storm with large logs (bc its just temp coop), feeding and watering 6 goats and making sure everyone is okay.

Sit on 2 eggs. Break egg. Get eggs all over my hand. Daughter cries bc she put them there. Why? Bc that WINDOW was open and she is so afraid of rain she wants to hurry and get chores done. I curse. I go to goat milk shed and use cleaner and clean towels to clean off me mostly, then clean out truck so we have no odors. Put cloths in wet bag. One egg not broken.

Drive to babies yard, boys have eaten EVERY SCRAP OF FORAGE IN IT. Pigs. So I leave children to put clean straw that we brought down in truck bed. Go back to barn for hay. Need a feeder. Use the large wire basket in back of truck that was going to be new feeder bottom anyways. All 3 goats can reach. Cut my arm 2 times and 3 fingers on fence trying to put feeder in. Had to drag 2 goats out of hay barn.

Bleeding all over the place and daughter now crying bc its thundering. No one is worried about my bleeding.

Drive home. Kids go in with 1 egg. I go into shop. I find that farm hand boy left shop unlocked. Pray for peace. Measure and mark plyboard to put windbreaks up in babies barn. Decide on circular saw vs table saw. Then remember we have no bread. Will start that and then come back. Walk out. Feel aggravated with farm boy. Lock the door. Rain pours. A lot.

I stand under the overhang of the shop for 20 min getting wet from spray, watching my daughter in doorway of house. She is crying. The tornado is going to steal her mommy. I watch for tornado. When it doesnt come, I stand there still. Its peaceful. My mom would love to be in the doorway with me watching the ks storm roll in over hills. I cry because I miss her.

I call her. She is having trouble with her job. I am having a good day. I love my work, I love my home. I love my kids. I love my husband. My mom is not even having a horrible day. Because she wouldnt cower in the corner. Her day is rough. But she will get another job if need be. She is the best nurse in the state, probably one of the best in the nation. I am glad she is my mom. I walk in through the rain and clean my wellies in big puddles with lots of splashing. I am soaked anyways. My crying daughter laughs. She turns pink instead of gray. No tornado took me. Even though I was in the storm.

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Anonymous said...

I hate storms, they do make us strong. There are many storms in
life, in a strange way we need the storms. Praying that your storms can give you strength. PawPaw from Greenfield