Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming Titles

Pictures of the kids swimming lessons, they both passed their levels. Nathalie was in level 1 and she was hesitant to take lessons, we actually required it. Frank and I talked about it and decided it was a must as we consider it a life lesson. She didnt perform much the first wk, was afraid to put her head under or let her feet leave the bottom. Tad of course is a fish, and was very happy to perform the tasks of level 3. The teacher passed him to level 4 on the condition that he perfects his technique some over the next wk. They will be in 2 and 4 in July.

You cant see Nathalie, but she is behind the child who is holding his nose. She is going under by choice!

Here she is coming up! I was so proud of her. This is the first year she has ever gone under the water at all!

Okay this is Tad winning! This was the last race they did in class, this was the first time that he won. He was very proud and glad that I got a picture of it. I am sorry I didnt get the race on video, I cant do video and camera at the same time. This is the only day he wore a lifejacket bc it was required for learning to float. He is a terrible floater! Has too much muscle, not enough fat.

Nathalie is under the water here!!!!! She is actively swimming, while under water and can do this for about 10 ft without coming up for breath.
Here she has come up, this was a requirement. To leave the wall and swim under water to the teacher. This was the first day she was able to do this. We are so proud! She is very pleased with herself and enjoyed the last day the most.
Here Tad is under the water, same trick. He has no trouble with this, he has been doing it for nearly 5 yrs. His only problem so far is technique, the same problem he had with gymnastics. He can do all the tricks so very well but wasnt as smooth as he should have been. Same with this, he can swim from point a to point b but sometimes its pretty messy... he is getting better at this!
Here he comes up, the lifegaurds really enjoyed both kids. I know, patting ourselves on the back here but they were so well behaved. They are good listeners and both willing to try so hard. I think Tad will be disappointed in a way to go class 4 because he has enjoyed working with the 2 lifeguards he worked with for this class.
I am so proud of both of them! They start the next round of swim lessons on July 6th and the lifeguards have promised to work with them extensivly in between the lessons if we come to the pool which we definately will.

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