Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skunks and unrelated photo

This photo is completely unrelated to my blog post. But isnt it pretty bread???

I have a skunk problem. I have rather unsuccessfully tried to rid my area of this creature as he/she threatens my chickens. It, since we havent identified he or she and incidently who would concerning a skunk, usually sprays at night. Now I am not a fan of air condition, but we turned it on when we topped 100 degrees before 10 am. Its been on about a wk, but prior to that, it was spraying at my bedtime... so I had to shut the windows for an hr or so.

Now, the air is on, I havent smelled this hideous odor in a few days. Now? I SMELL IT DURING THE DAY!!!! And, the odor has crept inside. Its very very offensive. Why did God make skunks? Honestly? Why not leave it at bunny rabbits? So I have to have a plan to get rid of IT. I cannot handle this offensive odor and I really hate having my chickens threatened. They are stupid and have little in the way of personalities, but they are mine and they are a food source so I have to eliminate the threat. Off to my evil drawing board!

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Fjpsam said...

loaf of bread with a skunk termination discussion..get out more...please....