Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Brothers Graduation

This is my mom, my graduating nearly 19 yr old brother, and my 22 year old brother. I think he is 22... I was either 8 or nearly 8 when he was born! I was there, yet I cant remember how old I was. Lucas graduated this weekend, valedictorian of his class. He is the first and only student here who earned both his GED AND his diploma! We are very proud of him for going back and finishing and for his future plan of college in august. Seth, the short brother, has just joined the air force. We are proud of him too!
My mom is the fancy Mama to Lucas left, my kids said, that is not my nana! She is too fancy! Then the did add very pretty...

Seth did try to comfort himself that HIS class was bigger, so of course he is still more clever than Lucas even though Seth was only Salutatorian. I am pretty sure they are both very smart though, and Seth is the one who is riding his motorcycle from Tn to Tx... We will let you decide!

And finally our valedictorian alone. He is wearing a tie, probably for the first time in his life and he is wearing nice new pants! Congratulations Lucas, your whole family is more proud of you than you can imagine.

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