Monday, April 20, 2009

Where have I been???

In Tn, Ms, Il and driving through Ky, Ms and then back to Ks!

My mom purchased a large 4 wheeler which provided a lot of fun for my two children and my neice Briley. These pictures are of my mom's front yard and Jacob taking the children for rides. Some are blurry but all show excitement, for both driver AND rider!

Briley had a very hard time getting off but after the first couple of turns she stopped feeling sad as she learned that she was going to get several more turns. My children enjoyed her as much as she enjoyed them and they have lamented the loss of her constant company. They would love to live nearer to these relatives. Uncle Jacob was wonderful and fun especially for Tad.
This dog is my moms dog Lonesome whom she found starving in her back yard years ago. He is loyal and quiet and well behaved and Tad shed more than a few tears over leaving him. He is the type of dog I would be happy to own, yet our track record with dogs leaves much to be desired...
While at my mom's house, we came under tornado watch and warning and Nathalie was a bit frightened by this. The weather was still quite nice and we, having lived through one, felt safe on the back porch watching the clouds and Nathalie spent the time sharing her woes and fears with her friend Faith in Ga who was very comforting.
I have so much more to say and I know my husband has missed my blog posts, I havent posted for the entire 10 days I was gone. I spent much of it, too much of it, driving. I wanted to see all the people I saw but surely wish they all lived in one group! I didnt see everyone, not even close. Missed several families that I wanted to see but there were some hang ups and of course the time issue.
The last bit of my visit was in Il and I was there to see my new nephew and go to his baby shower. He is half swedish and the swedish tradition for baby showers is to hold it a few wks after the birth so that is why he is here and the shower hadnt been held. He is beautiful and perfect and I was pleased to see him.
More on my trip later, I have some great photos to share yet!

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