Monday, April 6, 2009


"I want to go the Florida Keys." says Tad

"Why?" I innocently ask

"So I can harpoon a whale."He begins to laugh, which has always been contagious from him so I laugh and through his laughter he says, "with a harpoon you can buy for me from the gift shop." Now this I found truly funny and laughed more, and so did he.

"Tad, you couldn't harpoon a whale." Says I

"Why, because you wont buy me a harpoon?" He asks.

"Well there is that, and you have no whaling boat and no crew."

"Oh. You think I am a weeny? You think I am not strong enough to take down a whale alone?" He asks, incredulous.

"Well," I answer, "there is that also." He isn't laughing now...

Earlier convos heard here:

"Mommy, I think the recession is affecting my life." Nathalie says

"How is that?" I ask

"Well the prices on webkinz are rising and things are getting harder to come by." She answers.

"That sounds like your recession is now a depression," Tad tells her," and that my sister, will not be helped by ANYONE'S stimulus packet." Nathalie and I are both quite aware of his feelings on the economy.

I laugh quite hard at this, my son is funny concerning the economy. He is very keen about it, wanting to know all he can. I explain and we read on it online and he is adamantly NOT a democrat! He even makes funny jokes concerning this, for an 8 yr old, they are funny. Matter of fact, for a sheltered 29 yr old they are funny!

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