Monday, April 6, 2009

2 day Daddy Jeans

So these pictures were really hard to get. Remember the dress in the last post, on Nathalie? Well those were easy pictures. She will definately get the Photogenic award in our house along with Frank because I dont have it and my son clearly didnt get that gene either...
However, these are some nice looking pants that took a lot of work and SOME procrastination. They are a bit too big which is odd as I used a pattern that was the same as a pr of camo pants that fit fine.

The zipper is better than any other zipper I have done. I started making real flies in pants when Nathalie was 3 and I have been getting progressivly better at them (IE in first pr, you could SEE the zipper while pants were on.. A definate no no!). These have a great looking zipper inside and out.
Why daddy jeans for a title? Frank bought a pair of jeans after the tornado, we both did because we had no clean pants and no way to get any unless we bought some. So we each bought a pr of jeans. His are loose fit, easy in the legs, and light blue colored. If you look closely, the fabric is lined. I wouldnt have known how much attention Tad had paid to these new jeans, except in the fabric store a few months ago he brought me this bolt of denim. He said,"Can you buy a yard of this and make a pr of daddy jeans for me? This is just like Daddy's new jeans." I felt it and it surely was, I was surprised. There was a lot of light blue denim, but the weight and lines of this denim is identical to Frank's jeans.
I usually try to find denim on sale, this denim wasnt at all on sale. It was 11.99 a yd, expensive for ANY fabric in my opinion. I bought it. And here they are-Daddy Jeans.

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