Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunset and floods

I just think these pictures are beautiful. Much more beautiful in person. My mom and I spent many cold hours trying to capture the Ks night sky in december, its a very difficult thing to photo. Were I painter, I would be constantly at the canvas. The sky here is lovely at sunrise and sunset, the clouds are so large. They seem more 3d than clouds in other states.
Once again I learned a lot from my mom on photography lately, these photos are 10 of 90 taken and they are all I kept. The other 80 were deleted. The first pictures I took were not coming out well so I changed my angle, took the picture by getting underneath of the sky rather than facing it straight on because the earth is curved so taking a flat photo wasnt working.
I know that isnt photography lingo but my mom will understand what I mean. I have tried to imagine how she would take a picture lately and the pictures have come out much better.

Less interesting and more expensive in news here tonight, our basement is flooding! Yes this is Un-lovely. It is an unfinished room so no drywall or carpet ruined yet but we are supposed to have rain and flash floods/floods until thursday so the only thing we can do is get the shop vac in here tomorrow am and keep towels down as well in order to absorb the water before it reaches the side walls. We will be busy emptying the humidifier and shop vac over the next few days! It isnt flooding heavily or I would have already brought the shop vac in but just opening the front door to take these photos caused my entire shirt and pants to be soaked, truly dripping water. So I think I will wait unless the water creeps farther tonight!

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