Friday, April 24, 2009

Ks prairie children

"Mommy can you come into my room?" I go to Nathalie's room and look out the window. There is smoke and the sun is just disappearing thus looking like the sky is on fire. I run for the camera despite the fact that my child is crying. And I STILL missed the sun...

Nathalie comes outside to join me, Tad comes running also and she is still crying. "Nathalie, baby why are you crying?" I ask while looking through camera
"Because I thought the world was ending and I didn't get to have any children." Oh. "No sweetie, the world isn't ending."
"But I have my flashlight, just in case it does." Adds Tad

The previous pictures were taken on day setting. These next 3 are taken with no flash on night setting, and you have to be very still to take these and a tripod is nice because it exposes longer than a regular shot. I love these pictures, because in the dark and smoke and the near night sky there are the silhouettes of 2 children.

Look very closely here to see them, I love these pictures! I love the prairie and her flatness, the wind and the fires, the way your voice echos when you speak loudly through the wind. Only a prairie has an echo like this.

See the smoke rising from the left of the picture, a farmer beyond the dirt road that passes this field was burning off. The children played on the RR tie fence out front for an hour watching the burning. I took about 400 pictures... and a few of them are beautiful and almost capture the wonder of our skies.

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