Friday, April 3, 2009

45 min shower dress

Well because you have to twirl, to make sure its a GOOD shower dress...

And since you feel all fuzzy about the head and shoulders just before falling WHILE twirling, the camera is nice enough to represent this feeling, or is it an emotion? Twirling is quite filling so it must be an emotion.

And then you fall down, and this picture does look better turned the other way but it isnt so there is that.

After ALL that work, the girl is still up for a bit of posing

And a bit more, note the poised toe covered in semi clean knee sock

And even a bit more, the rest of which I cannot blog as it would take all night. All in all, the dress passed the twirling, comfort AND cuteness test and even Tad had to compliment the sage color with her nice freckles.
Can everyone see her missing tooth? Tad pulled it for her just last week and she earned a dollar for this. This dress did take me 45 min, it is for my sisters baby shower-each child has no full outfit that is un-stained and un-holey so Tad must have new jeans as well which are cut out and being made tonight. She will of coures wear this dress all summer and the next two more than likely. Nathalie wears a summer dress, a 2nd yr summer tunic and a 3rd year shirt. She has a wonderful striped shirt that will be worn for the 3rd summer, it was her 4-5 summer dress... She will be 7 in july...

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