Monday, March 19, 2012

Zombies or Cavemen

This was an afternoon of fun in a gully at the back of my mom's property. well, maybe not the back. She has 18 acres, mostly wooded with trails, downed trees to walk across, edible plants, wildlife and a deep, sandy gully. When it rains a lot, this fills to a few inches with water. It is a steep climb into/out of the gully, nearly straight up, probably 15 feet or so. The children love to climb in it, play and often hike to the end of it and climb back out for more exploration.

This takes them to someone else land but the someone else has a lot of land and does not care. The kids got lost one day, this day they didnt get lost. They came home, and we thought they looked like cavemen but my brother Grayson said that they looked like zombies!

Dressing off and hosing down was required before coming inside for a real shower could happen. Mom has brand new carpet! They had a great time anyway despite the cold water and a few ticks that had to be pulled off.


Tima Murrell said...

Wow! They were unrecognizable. But the fun is so much more important. Glad they are enjoying the beautiful weather.

Jo Abair said...

They are often unrecognizable as humans. Sometimes I think, wow my children look as though NO ONE loves them! They look life waifs. of course today, was a planned disaster of muddy proportions but the other days, well they are just homeschooled and kinda free to be messy!