Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sock Phase 3

Ok, so in the last photo the bottom of the rib (top needle in this pic) was divided onto 2 needles, and the bottom of the sock (were 2nd and 3rd needles come to a point) was on a different needle, and there were no stitches along the sides. I combined the top needles to 1, and then picked up stitches in the slipped edge, and divided that onto 2 needles, using the middle back of heel-where the points are of the bottom 2 needles- as the center and the starting point for this part. So I start at that tip, and do the needle on the right, decreasing at the end. Knit across top needle, then decrease on the left needle first, and back down to the original point where you can see the yarn right now.

That sounds SO Confusing if you do not knit or havent knitted long enough to make socks. Its not too bad though if you watch the videos on knitting help, and also have a good friend or two who can help you out with instructions. I will keep knitting in the round here, decreasing as mentioned on 2 of the needles/beginning and end. I will do this until I end up with my original number of cast on stitches at the very top of the sock, then I will just knit without decreasing for 2" more and then finish off my toe. So the hard part is finished!

It isnt perfect, I can see my mistakes. It isnt completely symmetrical, but it isnt too bad for a first sock. Will continue to post photos as I go.

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