Monday, March 19, 2012

Phase FINISHED. X 1.

So the bottom portion, like where the arch is on either side of it, is a bit fat. I guess I mean, it looks as if it wouldnt be tight enough to the foot. It actually is tight enough, I need to take a picture of it on mama's foot but I didnt yet.

At any rate, there it is! I am so proud, I stuck with it! It isnt hard to do, takes time to complete the heel and gussets because I didnt know how to do it yet. I will still need to view the sock video on knitting help, and I will need to pay close attention to my instructions over and over. After a few pr, I should be able to do it without help. The sock time total was probably 10 hrs of work, which is a long time. 20 hrs for a pr of socks would be a long time! However, I think the 2nd one will take probably half that time, maybe less. It was just a few minutes for the rib portion you see in the picture for sock #2, this part will be less than an hr to complete the whole top as that bit is fast.

So it looks good, came out very nicely and it fits! For the next pair, I will reduce the cast on by about 4 stitches, which will make the arch portion tighter too as you use the same number of stitches for that bit of the sock directions. I will also use a rib stitch (same as the top portion) from gusset to last 2" (where you decrease for toe area) because that will make a tighter, better fit. I hope to finish this next sock quickly, but will need a 3rd ball of yarn. The first sock too about 15 ft of the 2nd ball I brought so wont finish until I can get the 3rd at home in the RV. Otherwise I could leave mama with this nice pair of socks!

Oh, and she likes them!

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