Friday, March 16, 2012

Sock Phase 4

I dont know if this is really phase 4, nothing new happened except more rows in the round. Most people (that I know who knit) do not use this small cable needle. Some people say it cramps their hand, I like it especially in stainless steel. The stitches slip fast and easy, and I dont have 6 points to get in my way. Well, 8. For knitting in the round my work would be on 3-4 double point needles and I knit with another. I hated that section only, I am slow at it and constantly worry that my work may fall off of my needles. Thus, in the post before this, I was switching to the cable needle-2 needles with a cable in between. You can make anything on these cables, even things you are not knitting in the round. You can knit a flat blanket on them. I have a 62" cable with 5" needles that I have a blanket on right now.

So this looks sorta like a sock now right? I am so pleased! I somehow thought it wouldnt. It is not perfect and looks a bit fat, I think I would do knit/purl next time on the foot as well as the top. either way it looks fine on, yes I have already tried it on after blocking my needles from stitch loss.

We are still at Mama's, we will be until the end of this month. Frank is in the field in Ak, so there was just no point in being there. We are so happy to be in a big house with woods and space out back.The kids get their school done in between jaunts into the woods. They have come home covered in mud, sometimes they carry in visitors IE ticks. They have been lost once and found themselves on someone else's land, but by Tad's good sense of direction they made it home. They are often gone for hours at a time!

I am working on my sitting around skills, procrastinating on my homework and sharpening my knitting and sarcasm skills. My mom is a lot of fun to joke with, we mostly sit around and chat, watch funny stuff on youtube, enjoy the fact that she isnt working. she will come spend the month of may with us in Ak, this is the most time I have been able to spend with her since N was born. I love being with her, I miss my husband but love to be here with her. Even if she DID tell me to hurry up with her dang socks...

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