Monday, March 12, 2012

Socks for my mama

I learned to knit a little more than a year ago. I fell and hurt my ankle, I posted that on here. It was when Frank was deployed. A local homeschooled teen came and lived with me to help me, as I wasnt able to care for the animals. She knew how to knit, and encouraged us to learn. Tad and I sat in the recliner together watching knitting help videos. We learned basic techniques and made several hats, he showed his hat in 4h and made 2nd place. This year he is making a 2nd hat, and hopes to make some basic baby socks (faster than big socks). Nathalie learned to knit as well but didnt get a project done for 4h, she finds clothes boring so we bought a book called Knit Wits for her. I think Frank will have to help her with her project choice, she has chosen one of the monsters to knit for 4h but I cant understand all of the directions yet. I am poor at instructions, I do better just trying it out until it looks right.

All of that to say, I really, really like my mama. She is a truly amazing person, most people can say some good things about their mamas, but truly-my mama is miraculously wonderful. She is one of my favorite people, and never in my life can I or my siblings, even added up could ever give back to her all that she has given to us. She gave her time, her efforts, her sleep, her every care to us and as adults each of us do special things to say thank you to her often.

She does love socks and hats and other knitted things, she is bad about spending money for herself and does not have enough time to knit. She crochets and is a professional seamstress, I know she could knit. So as she doesnt have time, I have spent much of my knitting time making things for her. People at my Kansas knitting group (all older women with grown children) all said they wished that they could have a daughter like me! They thought it was sweet and kind that my knitting efforts, my attempts to learn, were all to create lovely things for my mama. They didnt understand, they didnt know how absolutely wonderful she always was and is. My children idolize her, my husband loves her dearly, she is my best friend.

This is a orange pastel swirl bamboo, it is silky soft fine gauge sock yarn. I am making some socks for her, this is all that I have so far but it is going pretty quick. I am using an Ann Norling pattern, I am excited to see the sock becoming something and am working quickly to be able to present them to my mama in May when she comes to see us. We are here at her house still, but I will not be done before I leave.

So that was it, just showing off my sock and my opinion of my mama.

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