Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sock phase 2

The ribbed top of this sock didnt take long, nor was it difficult. The heal flap was also pretty simple, I just moved all of the stitches to 3 double point needes-these are the tiny silver needles shown here- according to pattern. I think it wanted 32 stitches on needle 1 for the heel flap and then I did 32 rows back and forth. Next I had to turn the heel which I did, successfully I guess. It isnt symmetrical, and I honestly do not know why. I have never made a sock and its pretty confusing to me really. The pattern wanted me to slip a stitch purl or knit wise (every other row) and then purl/knit a certain number (1st row was 2 past center) then p or k 2 tog then 1, then turn work. It was kinda weird but ended up doing what it said it would, making a heel.

Now I have to pick up stitches along the sides (?) I think and then... make the gussets. Which seems logical but I cant actually read the pattern, there are no pictures so I really cannot see what to do exactly. I will go watch the sock video again under advanced techniques of knitting Then I will likely just wing it!

It is summer here in TN, nearly 80 deg today and humid. In Ak, its quite cold still with a lot of snow. I cant decide which I like best right now. I am barefooted and wearing a t shirt, which is pretty simple. Easier than putting on 4 layers...

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