Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eric's Kids

Our friend Eric is deployed, and we thought he might enjoy some pictures of his kids on our little farm. Jeffry, Tristin and mom Justina spent the day with us yesterday running outdoor water hydrants, electricity to the bucks pen, running a burn pit, mucking out a barn, chicken and duck care, jumping on trampoline, hanging out with goats and chickens and waiting on Lila (goat) to kid! So this is Eric's post of Eric's kids.

Um, hmmm. Well thats questionable right? Justina! How did this happen??? Oh okay nevermind, thought he may think Autumn in Indiana Jones hat was funny!

Tristin played hard to get most of the day on photos, the best ones I got were him with the dog and him on the trampoline because he didnt know I was taking them. The truck behind him is full of manure that he helped Tad and Nathalie load.
Playing with monster dog, monster barks at most visitors but has done well with Tristin every time. She still barks, but much more playful. I have seen him with his dogs, somehow they behave better for him than they would for me. Maybe I can hire him to provide monsters care?
Sneaking away from the camera, he is in the barn he helped to muck out here and the hat wearing Autumn is hatless in the edge of the photo.

Jeffry in a 5 ft hole. This hole is here because the previous owner was an overachiever! The hydrant has to be 2 ft down because 18" is the freeze line in Ks. Just in case, everyone runs water 2 foot down. This guy? Ran it 5 ft down... Jeffry and Frank finished pulling out this hydrant which was corroded from time and needed replacement parts. Then they ran water from this line down to the bucks pen and set that hydrant in.

This is the kid who waited for Dad to leave to pop his hip out of socket on a track run! Good job Jeff, way to give your mom some extra work. Just kidding... He is okay now, just had some minor problems probably because he has too much energy and moves constantly.

Now these pictures were my favorite. These kids are all pretty skilled on the trampoline, but every once in awhile you can catch a great shot of a flip.

This was just such a day. I sat for several minutes snapping shots hoping that someone would do something spectacular, seemed like everyone was having an ordinary day.

These next 2 pictures are mixed up, this is actually the 2nd photo. This is Tristin landing back on his own 2 feet, something I couldnt have accomplished.

And here we have the picture of the day, or week. Tristin is completely upside down halfway through a full revolution flip. He jumped, flipped and landed on his feet. I love this picture, he and Jeff are dressed the same, dark shorts, socks, and here they are parallel but Tristin is upside down!

Now since men are men and its unlikely they will mention this, we miss you Eric. It was great having you for a few months. Eric and Frank seem to deploy at times that leave them gone at different times. We have had a few good months of Eric and Justina spending the weekends with us, working on projects around here. We still have his family, but its incomplete.
More to come, I have a lot of pictures of our current projects to post. Things Eric and Frank started, or Frank and I started and of course moved on to the next needed project leaving things half finished! We are finishing up a lot of these projects now, and have pictures to show you of fencing, building, tiling and other remodeling things.

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