Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny babies

Oh my goodness they are mine, in my barn, yet looking at the pictures makes me want to run out and squeeze them!!! We had babies, shall we say Lila had babies on monday early afternoon.

Tad heard a noise outdoors, 15 min after we got home from town. Ran down, and sure enough there was a tiny baby with Lila in the goat girls sleep stall. She was busy birthing a second, she didnt need any help at this point but we had clean, empty feedsacks and towels to put under and also my medical bucket ready to go.

As soon as the second one came out, she seemed finished and okay. We moved her and both kids-1 little doeling and 1 little buckling- to the kidding stall(s). We had 2 clean stalls ready for this purpose.

Once in the kidding stall, I did what is referred to as bouncing. Literally, you just bounce the doe's abdomen. Online sources said it would be soft if the doe is done kidding. Not only was it not soft, it had obvious hooves! Bouncing gently caused contractions and a hoof and head appeared. Not two hooves, 1. So I got gloves on, tried to gently help and it wasnt working, I was a little afraid as it was our first time so I called my good friend Amanda in California. We have been good friends for over 4 yrs, and this was the first time we have spoken. Ever. We have only emailed. She calmly assisted, telling me what to do next, what to look for. She stayed on the phone until Lila managed with little assistance to push out a second buckling.

As it so happens, my friend Amanda came into town yesterday, to my house! I spoke with her for the first time, the day before I saw her for the first time. She and her husband stayed one night here, and this morning both helped me draw blood on the goats. Well, I say helped me, I pretty much helped them. They each drew blood, taking turns holding and teaching me while the other drew blood. I was able to draw one goats blood, I am so slow and unsure of this still. Frank and I drew from 4 of them, 2 were very simple but those who tense and fight, well it took a stronger hold! Our friends have learned how best to hold the goat, much more imobile than we were holding.

Amanda and Jeremiah are now in a town south of us, looking at the area. Jeremiah may take a job here! That would be wonderful, to have such good friends nearby. They are the kind of people who will trade work, which we believe is the forgotten backbone of America. They are both skilled in many trade areas and we hope they enjoy Ks enough to move here!

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