Thursday, April 8, 2010


This photo is unrelated to my post, but figured I shouldnt give you another just talking post because for most blogs, talk isnt enough.

We are getting rid of our dog today, she was after another baby goat last night. Well our only baby goat for now, but Nona and Lila are due any moment now and the dog has to be gone before that. So literally, if someone kids today the dog will have to stay locked in a building until I find her a home. I do not trust her to not kill a baby goat by playing too roughly.

Nathalie was up this morning eating her cereal, and informed me that she makes aproximately 12$ a mo because some months are 5 fridays, and since there are 52 wks in a year she makes 156$ a yr. Oh and also mama, 4x9 is 36 and did you know that 11x12 is the same as 10x12 plus adding 10 more so 130 and then just add the last 2? As a final point, Nathalie did the end testing out of 2nd grade singapore math. This is a really good math curriculum. Some math curriculums just get you through, are just same level as public school math. In my opinion and the opinion of many experts, singapore math is the best. Nathalie still struggles with speed in reading, she is in 2nd grade reading but speed comes so slowly to her that she doesnt enjoy it as much as math. Tad on the other hand is also in 3rd grade math, but can easily read 8th grade level books!

So thats our update on school, we will not be doing a lot of school over the summer. Spelling and math review will happen 3 x a wk because it takes less than an hour, they will read daily both alone and out loud and of course will practice violin, spanish and typing. Rosetta stone and mavis beacon are on the computer, and they spend about 40 min between the 2 programs daily. Then violin so for them, they will still have 2.5 hrs daily but only an hr with me. We will get back to school then in september full time, but they will not have to have as much review and hopefully they can join the group class of violin students at that time.

We have many baby goats due, much gardening planned and started, we just finished fencing the 300 ft across mid field to give us a garden/orchard/greenhouse complex, we still have a barn to finish, the laundry room/bathroom tile is done (photo to come) and the bathroom renovation is still in progress! We have had company come and go, and in other news one of my best friends will be visiting me next wk. I have never met her, and never spoken to her on the phone. She has been my friend for, oh I dont even know. How long Amanda, 4 years? 5 years? She was pregnant with her nearly 4 yr old son either shortly after we met or right before. I cannot remember. She lives in Ca and she and her husband are coming down for a job interview here in Ks! We are excited and pleased to meet each other, she and her husband are jack of all trades and also have a goat herd! My children cannot wait to have her children nearby, they dont have many friends who can play in the goat yard fearlessly. I mean lets face it, a 175 pound animal that you dont know with a horn, can be overwhelming.

So thats our day, our week, our busy month, our wonderful life. I will try to put up more recent pictures of our huge baby chicken flock, barn building, fencing, tiling... take a breath. Okay more later all!

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