Monday, April 26, 2010

Babies, barns, chickens...

So this post is a post because I am too lazy to do posts! So I am rollin in all in one, its the way I roll today folks.

Lila's buck, one of them, he is sold to the woman down the road who prefers horns so he doesnt have burned circles on his head. Nona's little girl was done last night, I think I am calling her Ima Dean.

Nona with her girl, her buck is with Tad and Lila's 3 kids are here with BB our meat goat, and Zoe, our brood goat! She seems to be happy to let anyone be her suckling which is uncommon amongst goats.

Some of these guys are muddy, I tried today to clean one up with some warm soapy water but the fight that ensued wasnt worth it! These babies want to jump about, head butt each other, taste things, sleep in the feeder to cause me grief and be overall just way too adorable! How will I rid our land of ANY of these when I cannot sell them??? Just kidding, we are selling them. Lila's bucks are sold/listed for sale, her doe we are keeping and as for Nona's buck, not sure. We will either eat him, or sell him. Her doeling, well she be my new pet!

Our new little barn, we dont have the fence up yet but thats all it lacks. Frank, Eric, Jeffrey, children and myself built this, though of course Eric and Frank did the larger amt of work and I did the larger amt of photo taking.

The building is simply not perfectly square, seems to happen when you are working with a building that was still partly together. The pitch of the roof was changed so we had to buy shingles, couldnt find the same color but it looks fine this way. Still needs trim/paint and the door only closes on outside. I dont like this, I go in with goats and I cant keep them in!

Poor lighting here sorry, this is the inside. The roof pitch change gave me so much more space! I am loving the little building. I rather wish that the doors had "windows" of some sort, a framed bit of plexiglass or something bc its too dark in there having only northern window. There is plenty of space for a small feeder, lots of sleeping/playing room for babies and right now the 2 mamas go in with them also. Frank put a 2x2 scrap across 3 studs so a hanging water bucket on the wall. This helps keep the water from being soiled, you know, like when a goat backs up to the water and allows some droppings to fall in? What? That doesnt happen at your place? Well maybe your goats love you more than mine love me.

Lillith had her babies on saturday afternoon. They are boer/nubian cross, so good for meat or as a meat brood goat. They are both does and can breed and give birth to meat goats and because they are half nubian, will give plenty of good milk.

These girls are not named yet, the little one here at the bottom has wry tail-wears to one side, and folded ears. Both are boer traits. It doesnt affect the little doeling, her sister is a blondie and hasnt these problems. We are selling both of these little girls, we had intended to eat her babies if they were bucks but these are not. Lillith isnt proving to be a good mama, she is poor at cleaning and feeding so we will be bottle feeding them starting today.

These are our ducks. They are very nasty, they were cute and sweet and they are still cute and can nearly quack, the best thing about being a duck is the quacking. But oh help me they are MESSY and NASTY and GROSS and GOOEY! They poop and make the water just FILTHY with their food. They wash their food down with water, but because the water is set on an upside down feed pan, they cannot walk in it so that is a plus. We will have to give them a complex of their own and a little pool and house because they cannot soil the chicken yard/barn with their nastiness!
Excuse the lighting, I am at the back of the north/chicken barn here. This is the way I solved the duck/chicken water issue. The ducks, however, most prefer to be outdoors even in pouring rain so we gave them a bucket outside also. We keep them in the chicken complex simply by shutting the gate, the chickens fly over and are free range all day only be closed in at night. The large and medium size chickens are free range and the coop in the right of the picture holds smaller chickens. We have also a roving coop of broiler chickens and 2 boxes of tiny chickens in the garage. Too many chickens! Its okay, we will eat some.

Okay so it was a long post, I am chatty and rambly but I always have been so if you are here then you knew that and dont mind, or you love my photos and dont read my chatter so either way, its a great union.

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