Friday, April 16, 2010

Gone Country

Yesterday, we bought a tractor. Frank drove to Wichita to look at a tractor that our friends, Amanda and Jeremiah found online. We have been looking at tractors, and on wednesday Frank drove to see a tractor 4 hrs from here that wasnt worth the drive. It had no brakes or transmission (they needed to be rebuilt) and the man failed to tell us this. We were disappointed to say the least, both with the drive, fuel cost and lack of tractor. We continued looking though and thursday morning, yesterday, we had an email from Amanda with this link.

The tractor needs some work, the reverse doesnt work right now, which means the PTO doesnt engage thus a tiller cannot be run yet. We dont have a tiller attachment, so that works out. The tractor came with a bucket, blade and a bushhogger. Something that we will be grateful for this summer when the goats are picky and dont keep their yard "mowed" well. The blade and bucket will be wonderful for moving/pushing earth, leveling, spreading rock in the drive, moving snow in the winter etc.
So this isnt a good picture. Nathalie was given the camera but she and Tad were both feeling really punk because they are not allowed to drive it. Tad will of course drive it, once we are used to it and have done a little maintenance. He has driven a tractor, the big yellow truck, the mower and can now shift the s-10 succesfully and is excited that I am teaching him to drive it. Nathalie, however, is not going to learn to drive anything for some time. She cries about this, but I tell her that we love her enough that we want her to live, thus we dont let her drive yet. Anyone who knows and loves her can say this is good, she has many many skills but hand eye coordination isnt necessarily one.
We are looking for parts and attachments for this tractor, it is a Kubota. Its very cute, and small and perfect for us. Its older and will need some maintenance, but it will make our lives so much easier in so many areas. Its official though, we have gone country. We raise our own food both fruit/veggies and meat, we have our own eggs and milk, do our own construction projects, avoid leaving home, we wear hats and boots and now we own a tractor. We love this life...

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