Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We have friends, homeschool friends here, some in Sc that we still talk to. But when recently asked to be someones "best friend" Nathalie answered, I already have one. Tad was quietly pleased to know it was him.
Its his fault, that she loves him so. He is good to her. She was told, by him, that they were twins when she was 18 mo old. She knew what twins were and she was pleased. We told him, you cant be twins, look at these baby pictures of her. "Oh," he says, "look how tiny her was! Her was the little one." By the time she was 18 mo old, they were the same size. So they have been raised together, nearly as twins though we didnt call it that. He cares for her and vice versa, while they occasionally scream at each other, and Nathalie does offer to trade him in on occasion.
All in all, best friends.

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