Monday, July 20, 2009

I made this!

Yes this is probably a simple accomplishment for a lot of people but NOT ME! My power tool knowledge was pretty low until this yr, in Sc we had very few good tools. In August after our tornado, we bought quite a few nice tools. Then Frank left so I didnt learn how to use them all. Since then he gave me my pancake compresser (mothers day) and a new drill. Now for my birthday, I got a cordless set and a 16" cut miter saw and stand. This is also going to be my next 5 yrs worth of gifts...

Tad was sick last night, throwing up, fever etc. He has been sleepy today and spent a lot of time laying on the couch and has eaten very gentle foods. While I was out working in the shop on this feeder, he became lonely so while Nathalie ran around playing, he rested on the feed bags.

The feeder was modeled after one similar that a friend made. She said hers was too short, the leg part. I assume she meant overall height as well and I remedied both parts so yes, she was my guinea pig! My legs are a perfect height so that a baby goat can eat from the bottom and my tallest goat can easily eat higher up. The top and bottom rectangle and the legs are 2x4s. The 4 pcs of wood that joined the 2 rectangles are ripped pcs from 2x4s that were on sale for being imperfect. Then the metal bits and the bottom are parts of my destroyed greenhouse! This was a great way to recycle something we cant fix.

It began to pour just as we finished this project, thankfully we did chores early! Nathalie enjoyed being a flying goat and Tad "snacked" on alfalfa and head butted Nathalie. The legs are slightly off or the floor is, either way its pretty close to perfect!

My new miter saw. Yes Frank, I said mine. Because it is mine! I will allow you to use it and maintain it but its MINE. Because I use it and I will have it beat up by the time you get home and possesion is 9/10 of the law.

The 2 drills, makes it possible to drill pilot holes and put in screws without changing bits EVER. Also included in the picture is my cordless (yes my) circular saw. The nice drill set can be Frank's.

This is to show the bottom, I cut the greenhouse panel so that it could be screwed in on the ends but the weight of hay, alfalfa and goat feet (bc they will put them up on the edge) needed the 2 pcs of rip 2x4 across bottom to stabalize it.
So thats it, my project for the day. I did have some help from Nikki (best friend in Ga) and Frank when I was having drill problems. This feeder is good for 1-4 goats, no more than that. I want to do a much larger slightly different version for the feedbarn and the 10 does. But this will work well for our 3 bucks.


Scarlett said...

I think that's phenomenal. First it's cheaper than buying your own feeder but second it's probably better made!! Hope Tad recovers.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Paw Paw in greenfield...

Courtney said...

y'all seem to be holding up well with hubby gone-great job on the feeder!